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At Artisan Basins, every basin holds a story — of lands traversed, cultures embraced, and artistry admired. Our journey began with two kindred spirits, Miriam and Richard, whose wanderlust led them across the vivid landscapes of Africa, the ancient tapestries of Asia, and through the timeless elegance of Europe. With each journey, their vision became clearer: to bring the world’s exquisite basin designs back to the UK.

Inspired by the intricate patterns of Moroccan ceramics, the robust charm of Asian craftsmanship, and the sleek contours of European artistry, Miriam and Richard curated a collection that transcends borders. It’s not just about importing style; it’s about weaving the narrative of global beauty into the fabric of British homes.

But the tale doesn’t end with distant lands. Right here, in the heart of the UK, we found our passion for modern concrete basins. Each one is a testament to our commitment to local manufacturing, blending cutting-edge design with the raw, industrial grace that only concrete can offer.

Artisan Basins is more than a brand. It’s a culmination of adventures and a bridge between worlds. Our basins are not just products; they are pieces of the world, brought home to you. They are conversations in clay, metal, and stone. They are a homage to the places we’ve been and an invitation to bring that journey into your space.

We invite you to be part of this story, to make it a part of your daily ritual. With Artisan Basins, you don’t just choose a basin; you choose a piece of the globe, crafted with soul, ready to take pride of place in your home.

Welcome to Artisan Basins — where every design has a history, every basin has a heritage.


Customer Service & Free Samples

When choosing a basin, it is something you want to get right first time AND it's not always simple!   Our qualified team have a shared appreciation for great interiors and are available to provide advice on our range of products and services.   Order Free Samples to help with making your choice.


We have sourced only prime, high quality products with superior design properties, unique veneers and ultra durable, wear surfaces renowned for their structural stability.

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Using only trusted Delivery and Haulage suppliers we are able to deliver products across the UK safely and efficiently.


Our hassle-free Returns policy means you can change your mind at any time.  See our simple Guide for more information.

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